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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Google Analytics Added

My years experience at Warner Bros. Pictures International gave me my first opportunity to work on an SEO campaign for films such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Hangover, but in honesty I was dealing with an agency contact at Quirk eMarketing who was doing the geeky stuff. I wanted to get more involved and understand more...

During my Digital Marketing and ERM elective course in final year I managed to do just this, reading everything I could get my hands on and having a play with some of the tools available on the net. Until then I hadn't quite realised the true usage of SEO and how integral it was at all levels of online/digital marketing and after finding this out I was even more keen on finding out as much as I could.

One thing that really helped my understanding was attending the SearchSchool at MMU where local professionals spent a day teaching us all about SEO, its uses and also giving us dead useful tricks for optimizing campaigns! The presenters let us in on all sorts of secrets and, what was arguably most useful, answered all of our questions, many of which were simply to find out what they'd recommend reading for someone like us starting out. Matt Davies from Fluid Creativity a great local (Manchester) web design and online marketing company wrote a really good starters guide, which I'd certainly recommend for any budding SEO geeks out there!

I'm now looking for a graduate career in online/digital marketing and am especially interested in getting involved in SEO, thanks to the guys who presented at SearchSchool. And I'd strongly recommend that you do too!

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