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Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Digital Civilisation is being formed from people congregating in online 'villages', to following the trends of the major online 'cities'

Something that has been of great interest to me over the last year of trying to advance my knowledge of digital marketing in an effort to make myself more employable, whilst also pursuing my geeky nature, has been the real growth of technology within everybody's lives over the past decade. I am very lucky to be a person born exactly in the 'digital age' and can remember using laptops since I was 5, something that I am very proud to say to people and I am very glad that I went to a school that advocated this. This 'digital age' stretches far beyond your mobile phone, your TV and your laptop, to the realization that (for me at least) technology is used so many times throughout my normal day-to-day activities that taking the time to count would strike off an hour everyday at least, so I'll get an app for it ;p

The emergence of this Digital Civilisation is, in fact, groundbreaking but like other major events in history no-one will accurately document the changes that have happened until these events have passed, 20 or 50 years from now. Because of this we are therefore surfing the metaphorical wave of this revolution and whilst we can only keep up with everything. By reading everything we can and 'staying up to date' in any ways that are made available to us (and I'd strongly advise you do) we can put ourselves in the best position to learn and this Digital Civilisation is all about learning.

An interesting article  in The Marketer, deals with this well and along with my undergraduate dissertation, which I have just completed, are what drove me to write this latest post.

This article considers that people now operate online by mostly visiting the 'villages' they are familiar with such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, AOL, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, BBC and iPhone. However something I believe is a trend for us geeks is that staying within the metaphorical prose of what I have dubbed in this article as the 'Digital Civilisation', is that we now visit the digital 'cities' to keep up with the latest trends, I'm talking about your Delicious, Reddit, Mashable and your RSS feed news aggregators such as Feeddemon or NetNewsWire; the key here is that these are social; they're what people are talking about. As conversations with consumers are meant to be the future of marketing, then trend creation in the digital 'cities' is definitely the future of knowledge exchange; particularly amongst us geeks!

Online marketing is now overtaking offline marketing spend, the worldwide recession has somewhat served as a catalyst for this change. The amazing thing, which has held me in thorough and incredibly interesting conversations with fellow geeks who work in the digital marketing industry, that I have come across through networking and looking for graduate employment, is that the potential implications of this grow day by day, creating more and more opportunities at an exponential rate. We just need to find the opportunity to tap them. This is something I am very excited about...

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