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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

GaGa a Guilty Pleasure, a Lesson in Social Media Marketing, or Both...?

While to begin with, I was rather reserved at jumping on the Gaga bandwagon when I first heard hits like 'Pokerface' and 'Just Dance, I now have no qualms in defending the fact that I think she is a rather damn good musician, songwriter and a fantastic performer. Not only will I now happily bob along to her music and debate at length the fact that she is the new Madonna, she is more than a pop star, she's a brand; and a bloody good one at that!

Rather than making this a blog post in homage to Miss Gaga, it actually has slightly more relevance to what I normally write about, which is the fact that she is a fantastic lesson in social media marketing too... a great Adage article discusses this and I'd really recommend reading it.

Some key points to take from Gaga's social media impact are:
She boasts 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 million Facebook fans.
A comparison between Madonna taking 10 years until her first massive endorsement (from Pepsi in 1989) and Gaga taking just 18 months until Virgin Mobile endorsed her Monster Ball tour and she had "created her own brand of headphones, Hearbeats by Lady Gaga, with record label Interscope; and landed her own (cherry pink) lipstick as a spokeswoman for Mac Cosmetics' Viva Glam, benefiting Mac's AIDS fund." and become Polaroid's creative director...
The release of her Bad Romance video exclusively on the Universal Music Group site caused it to crash it was so popular.
Her online video views surprises further when I glanced at this weeks viral video chart which holds Lady Gaga at positions 3 and 6, with her 'Bad Romance' and 'Telephone' videos, with a colossal total of 40,716,004 and 239,160,207 views respectively... What's more when you see the individual breakdowns of the number of blog posts, Tweets and Facebook shares for 'Telephone' and 'Bad Romance' you can understand their truly viral appeal.

So whether you dislike her music, think she's really a guy or dislike her brand... I'd suggest you sit up and take notice when she engages social media again because I think she offers some lessons for all of us...

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