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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

SEO Copywriting a Great Introduction & Consideration for my Career...

So after already having one great response from Fluid Creativity regarding employment in the digital/online marketing industry Another great Manchester based company I-Com have also provided some great tips in starting out in SEO copywriting, including some great free guides available on the Internet too!

Out of the points made in the SEO copywriting 101 there are some great links, of particular use to me were:
The link to the SEO Copywriting guide on Copyblogger which, quite frankly, if you're going to read anything on copywriting, I'd make sure it was this!
Other useful pointers such as:
Having a play with Google Analytics (I've attached it to this blog, for instance), Google Insights and Google Adwords: Keyword Tool, if you have an interest into going in to SEO. From many things that I've heard so far from industry professionals is that graduate employers don't expect you to be an SEO whizz just yet, but having played about with the tools that are used as an industry standard, coupled with the willingness to learn, is what really interests employers.
Setting up your own blog, the guys at I-Com recommend Blogger or Wordpress. Personally I would completely agree with this (after all what do you think this blog is for? :) and would really recommend it. In my experience I have had a bit of a play with HTML, been able to integrate some SEO tools with the site and have also gained personal experience in copywriting; even though it is (hopefully) improving as I go along. If you are interested in a job in digital/online marketing then I'd seriously recommend having a play yourself, after all you can't go wrong so there's nothing to lose!

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